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Nicole’s Top Albums of 2011

My 5 Favorite Albums. 5. Wild Flag It was a really good idea to put Mary Timony’s guitar and Janet Weiss’ drumming  together.  The combination is heavenly. 4. Lupe Fiasco – Friend of the People: I Fight Evil mixtape Download for … Continue reading

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Goodbye REM

I have taken so little time to reflect on REM’s break up in the midst of recent chaos and upheaval.  They were that band for me, the one that set me on a particular path at an impressionable age.  Because … Continue reading

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Some Musical and Other Artistic Highlights from Occupy Wall Street & Beyond

I don’t really care about celebrities, but I do care about artists, and a lot of great ones are getting involved with Occupy Wall Street and the other Occupations popping up in new cities every day.  I apologize to less … Continue reading

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