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Favorite Films of 2013

Ok! So there are a whole lot of films I wanted to see this year and haven’t yet (20 Feet From Stardom and Stories We Tell come to mind). These were my favorites of the one I did see. I’m not really going … Continue reading

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Not an Open Letter to Anyone Re: Miley Cyrus or Sinéad O’Connor

As you may have heard Sinéad O’Connor wrote a very critical open letter of concern to Miley Cyrus, upon learning that Cyrus was a fan and some of her recent work was inspired by O’Connor’s. This was followed by tweets from … Continue reading

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Frank Ocean and the Politics of Heartbreak

As you may be aware, singer/songwriter/wolf gang member Frank Ocean recently posted a moving story to his tumblr about his first love, a love that didn’t go the way he wanted it to and left him brokenhearted. The person with … Continue reading

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Lupe Fiasco & Erykah Badu at the BET Awards

#OccupyAwardShows? Check it out. That’s all. It’s late. No further comment needed now. We can talk later. xo (More Lupe. Some Occupy performances.)

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Some Musical and Other Artistic Highlights from Occupy Wall Street & Beyond

I don’t really care about celebrities, but I do care about artists, and a lot of great ones are getting involved with Occupy Wall Street and the other Occupations popping up in new cities every day.  I apologize to less … Continue reading

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With Liberals Like These, Who Needs Conservatives?

Gene Lyons wrote a notable article on Salon today. It is ostensibly a rebuttal to Melissa Harris-Perry’s recent article in The Nation, “Black President, Double Standard: Why White Liberals Are Abandoning Obama“. Curiously, Lyons spends no wastes no space addressing … Continue reading

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Panicky Punning in Place of Journalism: Paging The New York Times!

The New York Times ran a ridiculous article last Friday concerning the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests occurring downtown. The headline reads “Gunning for Wall Street, With Faulty Aim” (get it?), which would seem to establish author Gina Bellafante’s opinion … Continue reading

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