About Us


Nicole Witte Solomon is an MFA candidate in Media Arts at The City College of New York.  She has written for AfterEllen, Heeb, Prefix, On The Issues, $pread, and New York Magazine, and is an editor at Stereo IQ and Rap Genius. She is the director of That’s Not Fair!, a short documentary about a political theater apprenticeship for Jewish teenage girls, and is currently in post-production on a horror film she wrote and directed called Small Talk. She has partnered with social justice organizations like Jews for Racial and Economic Justice and Jewish Voice for Peace on video projects, as well as working with musical artists such as The Shondes and Martin Bisi. She loves cooking and watching good television.

Robin Jacks is a 31 year-old community college student. Her work has appeared on and in various blogs and publications over the years. She spent many years as a social justice activist in her beloved hometown of Memphis, TN, and is one of the two co-founders of the Southern Girls Convention, an annual gathering of young radical feminists from across the Deep South. She and her projects were written about in The New York Times, Newsweek, and The Nation, among other publications, and she was a plenary speaker about the state of youth-based feminism in the South at the 2003 National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference in New Orleans. She is currently authoring Flossed And Glossed, the authorized history of Pen & Pixel Graphics, the company behind more than a decade of genius Southern rap album covers. She collects snow globes, loves roadside attractions, and wants to start a punk rock cocktail gang. She lives in Boston.

Robin and Nicole are long-time zine penpals who finally met in person at the first-ever Bowling Green Zine Conference (later to become the Allied Media Conference) in 1999.  They are both students, babysitters, and writers who have long admired each others’ work.  They are making this blog together to share their love of politicized pop culture appreciation and analysis.

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Mick Rehrig says:

    I can’t wait to read both of your entries!

  2. @mz_chief says:

    I am temporarily unable to access Twitter so I apologize in advance. A FireDogLake member running #OccupySupply in the Western MA area will be in Boston tomorrow and needs a telephone and/or email contact for #Occupy Springfield, MA for the purposes of finding out what clothing items (see http://bit.ly/uhuc8s) the Occupiers need. The fund raised from FDL members are applied 100% to purchase the things asked for and will be delivered by Kevin Gozstola and the local area FDL member. Please send me an email response if you can assist. Thank you for your great work on #Occupy!

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