Some Musical and Other Artistic Highlights from Occupy Wall Street & Beyond

I don’t really care about celebrities, but I do care about artists, and a lot of great ones are getting involved with Occupy Wall Street and the other Occupations popping up in new cities every day.  I apologize to less famous awesome artists I am no-doubt neglecting in this post, and everyone please chime in via comments about good stuff that’s not here. Mostly I wanted to do this post to call attention to this amazing freestyle that the one and only Talib Kweli performed at the encampment on Thursday:

Stay tuned til the very end if you always wanted to hear Talib Kweli on the human mic. The excellent song lyrics (with annotation) can be found here.

Kweli has been voicing his support for the demonstrations for weeks, and he’s hardly the only rapper to get involved.  As The Mystery Diary has already discussed, Lupe Fiasco has been a vocal supporter since before I heard about.  Immortal Technique has been down. Rebel Diaz  posted excellent, thoughtful constructive criticism on their blog after their initial visit and recorded a song you can download for free called We the 99%:

Radiohead spoke out in support of the occupation while debunking a rumor that they’d be playing the park while in town for a concert.  My beloved Roseanne Barr came to NYC just to occupy Wall Street back at the very beginning:

The same day Kweli played Occupy Wall Street, Amanda Palmer performed at the Occupy Boston encampment.  Here’s her cover of Billy Bragg’s “The World Turned Upside Down”:

Awesome.  Keep it up, everyone.  This is getting more inspiring each day.

There are currently Occupy meet ups scheduled in over 1,000 different cities. Find out what’s going on near you or start something at


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