Welcome to The Mystery Diary!

Hello and welcome to The Mystery Diary, a new blog by Robin Jacks and Nicole Witte Solomon. We will be taking a long, hard look at pop culture and decoding the sometimes-mysterious mechanisms that make it tick.  The good, the bad, and the just plain hilarious will be scrutinized at whim.  Upcoming posts will tackle transphobic panic at Chaz Bono’s inclusion on Dancing with the Stars, Billy Corgan’s assholism, WTF is “Klout”, the depth of content under the “materialistic” veneer of Watch the Throne, and stuff like that.

Please excuse our appearance for awhile. Although we are thoroughly convinced of the alpha status of our content, our look is most definitely beta. Hang in there while we try to figure things out.

We’re looking for smart, funny, politically astute commentary from social justice-oriented fans and haters.  If you consider yourself a pop scholar and would like to contribute writing to this blog, please let us know at TheMysteryDiary@gmail.com .



Robin & Nicole


About Nicole Witte

I write and make movies.
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